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Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

The Hoobs and I don’t really do the chocolate and flower thing for L-O-V-E day.
I did however receive this letter in my inbox today. He’s my #1 Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day

It’s the little things…



I DIG YOU Valentine

31 Jan
 If the kiddos would like to create their own Valentines this year, these I DIG YOU Valentines are really cute. All you need is small bag of candy {M&Ms, Kisses, or Convo Hearts work well}, twist ties, ribbon, and toy shovels.
I DIG YOU Valentine Tutorial HERE

Want a tag for your Valentine? 
{Sized for 2″ scallop or round punch}

How your Valentine could look with a tag:

Shovels are available HERE (similar HERE)


Love Note Paper Airplanes

10 Jan
There are so many cute ideas for Valentine’s Day cards and greetings!
Why not one by AIR MAIL?