CYO No-Sew Knot Blanket

7 Mar


Let me start by saying, I do not sew. I know this is a drawback when it comes to crafting {and maybe someday I’ll learn} but that day is not today.

EZ Knot Blanket

This blanket only took me about an hour to make. It makes such a great baby gift! I used 1-yard of Blizzard Fleece fabric from Joanne Fabric’s. I would recommend using 1/2 yard for a baby blanket. First, lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other {w/ the “nice” sides facing outwards}. Then trim the edges to make an even square {or rectangle}. After that, cut slits about 1/2 inch apart and 1 inch deep. Once cuts have been made around the entire edge, start double-knotting the tabs of each fabric together. Sit back, watch your favorite show {Modern Family in my case}, and knot away until you’ve knotted every tab on the blanket. And that’s it! No sewing involved. I loved this easy project, and Rea seemed to enjoy its coziness too!

EZ Knot Blanket_Steps



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