Our Bathroom Makeover

25 Feb

I’m so happy the walls in our home are wallpaper-free and painted…
It makes such a difference!

We’ll start with the bathroom.
For now, we need to keep the yellow cabinets so I ran with that. We stuck with grays and yellows since our tile is black and white. We painted, added brushed nickle towel racks and TP holder, installed new light fixtures, and even added an outlet. {Yes… after we bought our house, we discovered there were no outlets in any of the bathrooms. What the what?!… You mean to tell me not everyone uses a hairdryer and straightener during their morning routine?}

The Transformation
It’s not to the point of completion, but it’s sooo much better.
Hall Bath Makeover

Still on the Bathroom TO DO List:
Replace Medicine Cabinet
Bath Rug
Replace Shower Curtain
additional Decor {we’ll add it to the list since you never know}



One Response to “Our Bathroom Makeover”

  1. violetsandcardamom February 27, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Looks great!

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