Our Baby Girl Nursery

5 Feb

When considering what colors we’d like our baby girl’s nursery to be, my husband had a vision of white wainscoting and yellow walls. With this in mind, I started my search for her bedding! I’m all for letting a kid be a kid, but I knew I didn’t want something too kiddo in the design of the room. We don’t really dig pink and were very disappointed in what we found throughout the local baby stores. It was times to search online! I was so excited when I stumbled upon the Delilah bedding by Cocalo Couture. It was perfect!


Next was figuring out what to put on the walls. Time to get creative! I really like the “Stay Calm and Carry On” sayings that you can pretty much find everywhere anymore. I decided to create one of my own and scan in her blanket from the set. I came up with: Keep Calm and Rattle On

Keep Calm and Carry On

Crib     Glider

Our daughter Reagan was born in July, and we absolutely love how her nursery turned out. It may just be my favorite room in our home. Sitting with her in that glider is definitely one of the best {and most comfortable} seats in the house.

Download our Keep Calm and Rattle On Printable HERE




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