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Rug Paintin’

29 Feb

Painting a rug is definitely on this year’s TO DO list.
Some of our favorites:

Tutorial HERE from Pudel-Design

Green Painted Rug
Tutorial HERE from A Little Bit of Everything

Chevron Painted Rug
Tutorial HERE from The House of Smiths

Yellow Painted Rug
Tutorial HERE from The Idea Room



Vaulted Ceiling Decor

28 Feb

Our new home has vaulted ceilings which we absolutely love. They make the room feel so spacious…. and well… umm… bare. We need to do something about that! Coming up with ideas for large wall spaces {within budget} is sometimes difficult. During our hunt we found some metal art on clearance at Kohl’s for $8/ea. Score! They were all designed the same, so for some appeal we rotated before hanging. We really like how it turned out. The three pieces really fit nicely in that space. See for yourself.



One wall down! Now what to do with the even bigger wall across the room….?!

What to do?

….to be continued


Unconventional Bathroom Decor

27 Feb

Repurpose, reuse, restore!
Sharing some of these creative and unique ideas for your bathroom:


Door Knob Towel Hooks
from Not Just a Housewife


Wine Rack Towel Holder
from Life Currents


from BHG


Hanger Towel Hooks
from Junk Camp


Shower Curtains
from Modern Kitchen Curtains

Two Curtains
from HGTV


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
from Kaleido Fashion


Our Bathroom Makeover

25 Feb

I’m so happy the walls in our home are wallpaper-free and painted…
It makes such a difference!

We’ll start with the bathroom.
For now, we need to keep the yellow cabinets so I ran with that. We stuck with grays and yellows since our tile is black and white. We painted, added brushed nickle towel racks and TP holder, installed new light fixtures, and even added an outlet. {Yes… after we bought our house, we discovered there were no outlets in any of the bathrooms. What the what?!… You mean to tell me not everyone uses a hairdryer and straightener during their morning routine?}

The Transformation
It’s not to the point of completion, but it’s sooo much better.
Hall Bath Makeover

Still on the Bathroom TO DO List:
Replace Medicine Cabinet
Bath Rug
Replace Shower Curtain
additional Decor {we’ll add it to the list since you never know}


Cute as a Button

23 Feb

So many things to make with buttons…
Here’s a round-up of ideas!

Button Napkin Holder

buttoncardSimply glue buttons of choice to vintage cards. Choose 5 colors of silk ribbon; gather into a bunch, cut into 8″ pieces, and knot one end of each. Punch 2 holes in sides of vintage button cards. Pull unknotted ribbon ends up through each hole so knot catches under card. Tie loose ends under napkin.

Button Wreath

Button Wreath
Glue buttons of similar colors to wreath form and voila!

Button Monogram Wall Art

Button Monogram Wall Art
Print an enlarged letter in the font of your choice. Cut it out and keep the outline as a stencil. Glue different shapes and sizes of buttons inside the letter. Remove the stencil and hang.

Button Favor Boxes

Button Favor Boxes
Just a small piece of felt with a glued button and buttonhole decorates this round wooden box.

Button Packaging

Button Packaging
Embellish a gift by using fabric-covered buttons attached to cords!
Cute and easy.

Button Rings

Button Rings
Tutorial HERE

Button Coasters

Button Coasters
Tutorial HERE

Button Art

Button Art
Tutorial HERE

Button Hair Pins

Button Bobby Pins
Tutorial HERE

Button Lampshade

Button Lampshade
Tutorial HERE

Button Art

Button Art
Tutorial HERE

Button Wine Charms

Button Wine Charms
Tutorial HERE



Were You Featured? GRAB A BUTTON!

DIY Lamp Revamp

21 Feb

Lamp Revamp Tutorial
{Guest Post by Sandy}

Lamp Before_After

There were 3 old lamps left in the house my daughter bought. She was going to throw them away, but I thought I could update them rather than buy new ones.
– Sandy

  1. Remove material and shade from frame. Since they were pleated, I couldn’t just cover them {of course that would have been much easier}
  2. Spray paint the base {I used black then taped-off the middle and sprayed the top and bottom silver}
  3. Make cut-out pattern for the shade on light-weight poster board by rolling it and marking the top and bottom of the frame on the poster as you roll. {This was a little tricky since it kept moving, so I did it a couple of times to be sure I had it right}
  4. Iron the interfacing to the “wrong-side” of the material.
  5. Trace cut-out pattern onto the interfacing side
  6. Cut material/interfacing along the marked path. Be sure you leave enough to overlap. {I did not leave any extra on the top or bottom of mine because I knew I was going to use seam binding to cover them}
  7. Wrap cut material around frame, lineup and mark for reference. Set aside. {I used one of the veins and marked a line on the inside to use as reference for attaching it later}
  8. Spray entire frame with spray adhesive. Be sure to get all around the bottom, top and each of the veins.
  9. Line-up the material/interfacing with one of the veins and roll the sticky frame on the material. Take this step slow, keeping everything lined-up.
  10. Run a small bead of fabric glue down the end to attach. This forms the seam.
  11. If you are happy with this as it is, you don’t need to finish off the top and bottom (step 12)
  12. Run seam binding around the top and bottom. Cut to length. Remove, then run 2 beads of fabric glue along the binding and cover the top and then the bottom of the shade.

Lamp Revamp Tutorial



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